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Monday, June 2, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things:

As you read this post, you have to sing, hum or tap your foot to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.... Since i've not been very good at posting things, i thought i'd do a random post about random things!

here is my favorite hair products...Paul Mitchell hair straightners saved my life. *there's a shameless plug for you michelle!

I LOVE demask stamps, masks and stickers!!

rubons are one of my favorite scrapbooking things, especially when they say funny things.

RIBBON!! this is not even an 18th of it!!

this is where you can find me most days, with a book, my ipod, pillow and pink fuzzy blanket...well when i say most days, i mean whenever i'm not doing anything else.

checker patterns! and you can kind see my bedspread behind it with a damask pattern. mom doesn't know how i am her daughter. she uses a purse until the straps fall off, i buy a new purse probably every 4 weeks...i've been good lately, plus this was only 10 dollars at old navy

SHOES! i didn't want to take out all my pairs but two of my favorites were out anyways. i have probably 12 pairs of converse. i'm obsessed

when i was 13 i suffered a TERRIBLE perm thus causing me pain the rest of my life, all these smoothing creams could probably fill a swimming pool.

everyone who knows me, knows i have terrible stomach issues, these are my two favorite remedies. i pretty much always have one or both with me.

here's a little green bird i got for $5. it's a bird & it's green. enough said

SNL, where would i be without you? matt foley is my hero.

this is a two-fer, it's vaseline which is my "makeup" and it's travel size, again another obsession.

this is another two-fer, my cell phone and my temperpedic pillow. AMAZING (p.s. that is a tie-dye pillowcase, not gross moldy drool)

oh Kramer. who doesn't love you?

as was pointed out a couple days ago, i can't go through a day without going online for one thing or another. it's a bad habit. darn facebook, itunes, youtube and blogs!

my ipod would be next. it's pretty much connected at my ear. there should be a surgery for that....hmmmm

guitar hero, oh how i waste so much time on you, when i have much more important things to do like, post on my blog...

mario kart is our new favorite competition

and last but not least, MOVIES. this is just a tiny fraction of the movies we have. i've probably bought most of them since i have to buy it when they're only 14$ the first week they come out.

if you made it this far, you deserve an award. but hey, a post is a post.


Princess Michelle said...

Haha thanks for thinking of me! Super Skinny saved my life!! And that Paul Mitchell straightner saved my life too! Yeah for hair products and everthing else you love... and so do I! yay!

Jill said...

The hammock is my favorite place - except when the pesky mosquitos come! Then I have to run into the house.


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