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Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Pictures

a couple weeks ago a friend of mine had a baby girl! i was so excited when she asked me to take pictures of little Reagan Penelope. i have never really taken newborn pictures before except for like hospital shots. anyways i wish i had a studio or something or props i don't know but i went over to their home and took some pics. of just reagan and some of the whole family. since i've gotten photoshop CS3(!!) i've been playing around with some of the images but i want to invest in some actions so i'll have to post more of the CS3 edited photos after i get some done. these ones i edited in photoshop elements6 (which i just bought like a month ago...dangit, maybe i'll sell it?!) here are a couple of my favorites:
emily and reagan
baby hands and feet are my favorite!
she seriously hates me. that flash was not her friend. this is one of my favorites.
she has so much hair!

her little hand and nose and mouth. she's adorable.

and last but not least jason and reagan.
they are a cute little family and i was so excited to be able to take pictures for them. i took probably around 200 so hopefully a couple of them turned out good. i will definitely be playing with photoshop a bit more.
this last friday i took some pictures of my friend's 2 year old NOAH! i've taken all his pictures from the time he was a baby so i was excited to get some more shots of him. we went out to birch bay when the sun was starting to set. i'm in the process of photoshopping those pics now and will have to post some up later!



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