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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't be Jealous...of my light switch

tonight i did a litte mini project. i decided i wanted to change my UGLY lightswitch plate thing. since i have yet to redo my room, i used some random paper i like.

here are the supplies used. spray adhesive, exacto knife, paper and it doesn't show it, but scotch tape.

AFTER. this took seriously 10 minutes, and completly changed it. now i can enjoy my lightswitch. muhaha

i may be doing this to some other ugly light switches around the house. quick, cheap, easy and nice updated look.
p.s. i still haven't gone to the hardware store to do my clip-it-up-remix project (see last post) but maybe on one of my days off this week i'll get to it.


Bunny B said...

Cool project! :)


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