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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sneek Peek

now i'm blogging TOO much. oh well it's my day off.

ok. i have wanted one of those clip-it-up do dads now for the longest time. the problem is i am way to cheap to spend $60 on the base unit, $30 on the top unit, then $6.99 for a pack of 12 clips. THis is what it looks like:

so yesterday i was scouting the interweb trying to find good deals on these babies. well everyone is selling them for about the same price even on ebay. but my searching was not in vain. i found what is probably a WAY better solution, for about $10 total. heck yes. the idea behind it, is you fit it into your space. those clip-it-ups are great, but they have to go on a flat surface. i don't know about you, but flat surfaces are like gold in my house.

here are the items needed to create the clip-it-up-remix:
wooden dowel
3 long half circle screw things (i don't know what they are called, but i'll let you know later)
mini clothes pins
2 rubber gromets
an already in place shelf, or piece of wood.

(i can't find the website i found the idea on right now, but i will find it and post a link to it)
mine is going to be a little different from theirs since it has to fit in my space but it will be similar. i will probably go to the hardware store today to get my "ingredients".

i don't know when i'll have it done to show you. it's going to be a BUSY weekend. greahhhht.
here is the basic principle of the thing:

and close up

i just taped it so you could get the idea but really it would be hanging from the dowel. (p.s. that stamp set is one i won from TOM!!)



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