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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Me?

Why me? why do i have the weird need to always buy things i don't really need?! well my new obsession is....vintage chairs/couches/ottomans. especially wingback chairs. now first, i love the way they look and i would love to design a room around one of these chairs. the real reason i want them though is b/c i think they are the coolest photography prop. if you find a field with tall grass and put one of these chairs in the middle of it....put a fork in me, i'm done. of course there would be someone sitting, laying or leaning against it. anyways i think i want to go to value village, goodwill and garage sales until i find myself one of these beauties. here are a couple i've found online:

this one's not really vintage it's not my favorite but i like the color.

this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite, everything about it, the color, the details and all the buttons!

this one looks a little new too, but i like the color and style

this was the ottoman i found, i like it, but i was thinking it needs to be "beef-ier" , big and not such long legs. maybe even round...?

and last but NOT least. the couch. i am in LOVE with this blasted thing. i need to find where it is, who has it and go in at night and steal it. i love it for photography purposes and for a living room. i can't even explain to you my instant connection with this thing. most people won't understand, but i feel it was meant for me. everything about it is perfect. the color, the arms, the legs, down to the pillows. my heart is sad that i don't have this right now. anyways i'm now on the hunt. if anyone has any leads as to where i might find me one of these babies, let me know!!!



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