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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here's the Rules Fools: (you're not really fools, it just rhymed)

1. Pick up the nearest book (with at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next three sentences

So the book that was closest was, The Chris Farley Show.

here is what it said....

Turned out it was Chris and a bunch of these people. That was really the beginning. That was when i was like, oh, he's doing other things, beyond the norm.

Ok so tomorrow i will be posting an actually scrapbooking-ish item. it's nothing too exciting but i'm over it.

i'm really tired...when you get woken up 45 minutes before you need to be up, by someone repeating "Charlie bit me" in a brittish accent over and over and over again, it's a bummer. my sleep schedule is wack.

i shot a gun today. a couple times actually. i think i will get me one.

i also got accepted to this thing called college...hmmm it's for smart people.

i made some real good BBQ/chicken/olive 'za (short for pizza, it works in scrabble!) everyone ate it all so no leftovers for me. boo

i'm throwing up a gangsta actually, it's a sangster sign. booya. .... haha i'm funny. nobody gets it, but i do. it makes me laugh. muhahahahaha

hahammmm, i need a haircut.


Princess Michelle said...

Come to Utah! I'll cut your hair!!! hahaha Also, a gun? Really? And congrats about that College thing. Good Luck Chuck! (Get it... it rhymed!) :)

Tracy said...

College!?!?! WOOT WOOT! Good for you!


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