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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All my Excuses....

Wow i really have let this go. seriously this is what is taking up my time's impossible.

i know how it is supposed to work, i just can't get it to. gosh i've dubbed it satan cube. i know i'm not the first one.
there may be another reason i haven't been on much...ya it doesn't lie, it's been HOT i've enjoyed it, now it's back to rain. dangit.
i've also been busy helping with planning and executing a babyshower, shelley's new wack schedule and working/babysitting. gahhh. oh and researching something called college...bleh. one up side to the whole college thing, getting photoshop CS3 for a fraction of the regular cost (so instead of spending 1000 on the extended version, i get CS3 and a butt load of other programs for about 700. retail value 3000.) anyways.

here is my new favorite paper i bought from TOM during NSD early this month. it's s.e.i. Dill Blossom. i will be making something with this paper soon. but alas another hinderence in my blogging....

if i don't have a place to scrapbook, i don't, then the blog suffers. it's CRAZY on my table.

and last but not least, some tags to go with my new paper. i bought all sorts of good stuff with my $50 TOM gift certificate i won!! ow ow



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