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Friday, June 20, 2008

It's like CHRISTMAS!

heeeheeewhoooo, heeeeeheeeewhooooo. i have to do some deep breathing exercises. i just got a "little" box in the mail. in that box i found some of the best things i could think of!!!! i am so excited i can't even handle it right now. so here is what was in my "Christmas" Box....

a vis tablet so i can draw and it goes right onto the computer...amazing.

CS3 Classroom in a book and a 2GB flash drive, i need the book for the school i'm starting soon.

oh man, this is my absolute favorite part of this experience...Adobe creative suite 3 design premium. why is it my favorite you ask? well for starters, it has Photoshop CS3 extended version!!, inDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 professional and acrobat 8 pro. all that in this little tiny box. heeeeheeeewhooooo...ok. i'm better now.

and last but not least, a backpack...which is cool i guess. and coral painter x program.

wow i am on software overload. i have to go to work in just a little bit but i wonder if they would believe i came down with the bubonic plague....well maybe i won't skip work for it, that's not how i roll but i'm going to HATE leaving this all behind. it's all downloading right now and it's taking it's sweet time. well i am going to be pretty occupied for the next several....weeks. wahhhooooo!



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