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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Pictures.

Today after work i went and babysat two little girls. i've never babysat for them before, i watch them in the nursery on sundays though so i know that they are so fun. the whole day at work i was so excited, then i got there and they were taking a nap. i was only there for about 20 minutes before they woke up though so it was ok. after drinking some juice and waking up a bit, we went outside and i grabbed my camera. i'm a little sad b/c just about 10 minutes after we got outside, madison's cousin got home next door and she went to play with her and i didn't get many pictures of her, that's ok though it gives me an excuse to go back!
i found this little chair for $3 at value village last week, i sanded, primed and painted the blasted thing, it still needs one more coat and i think i'm going to get a more red color to finish it off.
kennedy again. she was a little wary of me at first since she woke up and found me instead of her mom.
she started loosening up soon enough though.
she is very cute and very smart for a 16 month old.
her mom is going to be having a baby boy in a few months so we picked little "baby" flowers and rocked them to "sleep"
here's one of the only ones of madison. i'm definitely going to have to go back.
this one is kinda random
she really didn't like looking at the camera.
finally! a smile!
and a little smile again.
i've been posting lots of pictures lately so maybe i'll have to start a photography blog seperate from this i still have some of Noah to post. here's one to show you what's to come.
he's cute.



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