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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Minds Eye

WOOOOHOOOO i won the Treasury of Memories contest for My Minds Eye!! i'm so excited i don't think i've ever won anything so big before. i have a huge doofy smile right now. anyways i just wanted to let someone know! National Scrapbooking day here i come!


Tracy said...

WOOT! All I have to say besides that is 35% baby! :)

Mighty Max! said...

So happy for you too Amanda. We all LOVED your book! :) You definitely have to share your talent with us again!

Congratulations on being the lucky winner! Woo hoo!

Amy (TOM girl)

Judy C said...

Way to go!! You're really talented and deserved this. I figured you'd win when your project was featured on their site.

BTW - Now I feel a bit guilty. I didn't do anything but add a comment and I won too! Love my stuff, especially the ring notebook. Now I want to make a bunch of those. Thanks!


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