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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

50th Post

I think it's time....time for American Idol and a blog contest/giveaway thing. (seriously i was kidding about american idol...really kidding) so i've almost posted 50 posts, after this post i will be at 48 so two more posts and i will have some sort of contest and give something away. just today i was thinking about doing a giveaway because everyone else does it. maybe it'll give me some karma to win myself sometime. my reasons i guess are selfish...bwhahaha, or not. i have no idea what the prize will be yet but hopefully it will be good. i think instead of just just leaving comments i will have some sort of contest, but i'm not sure of that yet either. maybe comments will just be the easiest. well...

to make a LOOOONNGGG and confusing post shorter, watch out for the next couple days, i have no idea when the 50th post will even be. i'm new at this ok. but know, you will want a piece of this blog candy pie....maybe. i guess it depends on what i get for the prizes! i like to keep people guessing.


Tracy said...

Ok sista! You better post again soon - I wanna see some candy! HEHEH!


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