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Monday, April 7, 2008

WWAD? A Photo Blog

we are here, we are also going to be leaving soon so i thought i'd post about our weekend so far. i really haven't gotten much done, i didn't have pictures so i loose. but i did get some good stuff started. First here was the theme of the weekend, we made it with canvas and vynal run through the cricut can you guess what it stands for?
it stands for what would amanda do? that's a good theme for everyone to adopt. ready set, GO.
of course to keep us going we had to have some entertainment, this was our solution to not being able to pick a movie. it really didn't work this way either b/c it would land on a movie and we would all veto it so it took a good 5 spins. the dogs didn't like this much.
finally onto a couple things i made. this is a canvas painted and then i put a rub-on on the side with some Kaiser flowers, i am going to get a vynal from TOM to put in the middle.
here is my little project for the Treasury contest. i have to print pics. when i get home and add them but i got everything else done. it's a made from a 12x12 folder from CTMH. tracy showed it to me. woot woot.
and finally a little acetate book that is nowhere near done, i took pictures for it this weekend and got the cover and first page decorated. this will be one to do at home with pictures.
so it's been a fun weekend. we pulled some "all-nighters" and by "all-nighters" i mean we stayed up until 1am. woohoo rebals. we also got "chip-faced". and by "chip-faced" i mean we ate ben and jerry's. mmmmmmm. that's all i need, a piece of polk-dot paper and mint oreo ben and jerry's. heck yes.


Jill said...

I was just leafing through the pictures Amanda took this weekend and I've gotta say, the one that made me LOL was the one of the car going over the pass that you circled and titled "BFF 4EVA". Let me explain. Going over the pass is about the 1/2 way mark to Tracy's, and it's about this time the driver (always me) needs a pick me up. Amanda (typically shy and would NEVER EVER call attention to herself) pops in a cd filled with rap type songs and starts busting a move in the passenger seat. This continues for, oh, about an hour (or until she tuckers out). At one point, this car starts to pass us on the right (her side) she and I look over at the same time, and the driver (a guy we think) is busting a move with her. I laughed so hard tears were streaming - which was not a good thing as we were going about 80mph and it was snowing and a lot of cars were on the road. We had a good time Tracy - thanks for putting us up....again!

Mighty Max! said...

Love your mini book...thanks for entering it in the MME contest. I would love to learn how you made it (if you are willing to share!)! :)

Amy (


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