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Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm in a picture-ie mood lately.

i want to give a quick thank-you to abby and tracy. abby told me there was a big sale at michaels, and tracy bought about 76 packs of buttons this weekend and i thought, WWTD? i ended up buying a button package at TOM last night. great. here is some of the loot.
that would be $17 worth of ribbon right there, but i only spent $8. so that gives me hope. also $16 worth of cuttlebug dies, but again i only spent $8. woot woot.
here are some little thingy-ma-jigs i made the other night, they are supposed to be coasters but i have to put felt on the bottom of them still. i used rub-ons and tiles then sprayed them with some good smelling spray stuff to seal them.
here they are all bundled up nicely. i have absolutly no idea what i am going to use them for since i don't use coasters. and finally my newest project i am working on, operation burp clothes. i know, pretty swanky. they are driving me nuts, i have to go back and iron them, AGAIN, then do another stich around the outside to close up the little hole i had to leave to turn them right side out. i probably won't get these things done for a while. but i got $15 worth of fabric for only $6. i'm all about cutting cost/spending way to much anyways.


Tracy said...

WWTD indeed! She woulda bought the buttons! :P


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