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Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a DIVA

i am an amazing sister....really amazing. sometimes i can't even believe how generous i am to my brothers. for instance, last weekend i took some more of my brother ty's senior pictures. we went down to fairhaven and walked along the train tracks, stood by big beams and sat on logs. all of this traipsing around for over an hour and my favorite picture ended up being one sitting in the car waiting for shelley. without any prompting from me, ty got out my sunglasses, took my necklace off my mirror and put both items on and leaned back. well i couldn't pass this up so i grabed my camera before he realized it and took a bunch of pictures.

then since i am such an amazing sister i went above and beyond my duties and made him a digital scrapbook page. i know, i am too generous.

haha he would probably poke my eyes out if he saw this.

here are some of the other senior pics we took that day (then i, being super, photoshopped them, just going above and beyond as usual):


Tracy said...

As usual, your work with photo editing is way beyond me. It's awesome.


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