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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pink Paislee+One Photo=My New Obsession

I am on a blog roll. i'm amazing at this. .... maybe not so much. well here is another Miss Mary page.
i've decided i am in my "one photo period" like picasso's blue period (or something like that..?) lately i don't have many pictures to scrapbook. i usually have like 3 or 4 pictures on each page but lately i've been doing just one picture. it's expensive to do it this way. i guess i'm just using my favorite pictures so i'm ok with it. it's just not what i usually do. to figure out something to do on a 12x12 piece of paper with one picture is hard for me.
anyways the paper i used was the pink paislee office lingo line again. i guess for NSD this saturday i'll have to stock up on this line, once again.

p.s. i also have to figure out another way to get these pics. uploaded onto the computer. taking a picture makes it glare and the scanner isn't big enough...boooo


Sharon in NE said...

But when that one photo is like this one, who needs more. I love this!


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