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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post #49

get ready...the very next post is the one you want to look at. fornizz. i haven't posted a lot this week b/c i committed to this 50th post blog candy thing and to be completly honest, i had no idea what i was going to give away. so now that i have a little better of an idea here is my 49th post.

before i get to the "meat" of this post, here is a little somethingsomething sam and i...mostly i, did this morning. i guess my mom helped a little too.....

this is a bloody, freaking, stupid stump of a tree that we ripped from the dirty, dirty ground. let me tell you what, all those little baby stumps that dug their way all around the main stump made this almost impossible. but we did most of it using our bear hands. it was a lot of work but i made a deal with my dad that he would give me $40 if i got it out of the ground (he obviously had doubts i could do it, he said it would take all day..pishaaaaa) so i get $30 and sam gets $10 and a free popcorn coupon (haha). and i just bought photoshop elements 6.0 (since i'm too cheap to buy CS3) with some of that hard, sweaty, achy earned money ....BTW, this is a disgusting picture and should not be looked at closely. seriously. eww. what am i thinking? remember i was out there pulling on this stupid stump for an hour and a half.

so onto more important things

last night my friends came over and we had a "scrap-a-thon" slash we scrapbooked for about 6 hours. here is the one sole page i managed to get done. i tried and tried to work on other projects and so i got other things partly done but not completed.

here is another page i got started, obviously it's not done yet... soon. maybe.

and finally here is some of the "blog candy" it's nothing too exciting. it's two minibooks, 2 little clipboard things, an already made "cherish" envelope mini book and my personal favorite, a stamp set that says, "you light up my life" with a guy who has a lampshade on his head....there may be a couple extra things i throw in at the last minute but so far here it is.

so watch out for my next post to see how you can win this AMAZING (??) prize.



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