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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sewing Bowl

Sewing bowls are MUCH more fun than super bowls. In my humble opinion that it.... :)
So yesterday while 90% of everyone else in the world was watching the game and simultaneously gorging on chips/salsa and other sorts of food, I was sewing and fasting. Shaaaaweeeet.
While I do love me a nice big bowl of salsa and/or guacamole I didn't partake.

Wanna know the best part about sewing instead of football? There's no football involved! Yeeehaw. I have grown up in a very football/baseball filled house, and while I've been known to accidentally watch football/baseball on occasion, it really doesn't make me a better person or broaden my horizons. I can't tell a difference between any games, they are all the same to me.

So I went downstairs and started a few projects. I might have watched 5ish episodes of Bones while down there too. Why would someone watch the super bowl when they have have a sewing/bones bowl?

I've been wanting to make a laptop sleeve for awhile to prevent scratches in all my 'commuting'. The pattern I found online was bogus and the other one cost money so I looked at the picture and figured it out on my own. My mom and I played sewing machine tag the entire time. She had a project and I had mine, it's never too late to learn to share.

It took a little bit of time, but I finally finished my sleeve at the same time the super bowl got over. Perfect!
 I ordered some fun chevron fabric so I used some of that, along with extra batting from my quilt (that's STILL being quilted because my sewing machine isn't big enough to work), red velcro, and red thread and time, I have myself a fun new/cheap carrying case.

 The inside is lined with that turquoise-y color also, but I didn't make it reversible (mostly due to pure laziness and not wanting to-ness).

Then tonight I got home from work and had some time so I made up these bags for someone I work with:

 They're even upside down! You're welcome! I tried to pick fabrics that would match her girls' personalities. Hopefully they'll like them :) They are reversible just in case they don't.
I also made a large one for their mom. She always has piles of crafting stuff she brings to work so I thought this might help her carry stuff.
These 4 bags took 2 episodes of Bones. Apparently that's how I'm going to measure time now. I promise I don't just sit and watch them all day!


Nicole said...

Hey! Football can make you a better person and broaden your horizions if you allow it. Football can teach you to work as a team, to cheer for others successes, to set goals, to work hard... I could go on.

Anyway, cute case!


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