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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Being Happy

After yesteday's melodrama I decided that today should be better. That meant I stayed in my sweats until 11am (actually I didn't mean to do this but ALL my clothes were either in the washer or dryer so I had to wait). I did some retail therapy online without actually buying anything, GO ME! 

I studied about GMO's which is surprisingly interesting. While I don't buy in to a lot of the eco-whatever alarmists out there this topic has really struck a nerve. If you have a chance you should go watch Genetic Roulette. It's about 1 hr 20 minutes long but I took a lot of notes for my paper while I watched. It might not be the most riveting 'movie' but it will make you think a lot.

OK long side note about GMO's geesh. sorry.

I also worked on organizing downstairs some more. I'm trying to purge all the junk we don't use and get everything organized and get rid of some of the furniture in that craft room! I've gotten quite a bit done by myself over the last several days. I've always watched 5 dics of Bones in that time, but at least I'm being productive while I work. I don't feel a sense of urgency like I did to get that done so it made it easier to work on.
Happy fabric 'mini bolt' shelves! 

I decided around 2 that I wasn't going to go to class tonight either. It feels very weird to intentionally skip a class because I haven't done that (at least not since middle school ;)). I felt guilty at first but got over it quickly. I thought it was Friday all day today anyways. But skipping my 2 classes did make me happier than it should have.

I started reading an e-book I bought. It's called, Unnaturally Green. It's a look inside the life of an Elphaba standby. It's hilarious and really easy to read which is nice. Oh Wicked I miss you SO. Seriously. They just need to record the play and release it already!

 I made these potted plant treats for YW last night. Two people really believed that it was an actual plant. It's a cupcake at the bottom with ice cream then crushed oreos with a couple worms. If you stick a straw into the cupcake before adding ice cream then your flower stem goes right into the straw. I wanted to get real terracotta pots but didn't find any so I used dumb little plastic ones that I lined with saran wrap.

And I felt better about my haircut today. I went from this:
To this. It feels good to have the yucky hair off. Even though I didn't go as extreme as I was thinking she still cut off about 5-6 inches (although it's hard to tell because my hair was going crazy before I got it cut).

I'm DERRRRRRPing it up because I was making a really dumb face in honor of the bathroom mirror pic meant to mock all the FB mirror pics but I look like a fool (mission accomplished then right?)
 My mom bought me flowers for Valentine's day too. How cute!

 To end tonight I put my happy pillowcase, that I made last week, onto my pillow. So hooray for happy days. Although there were a couple times I wasn't thrilled it was fine.



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