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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A very merry unbirthday to you!

I have always wanted to celebrate half birthdays. I think everyone should.

Trying to figure out someone who would appreciate a half birthday celebration was easy. I knew KneeCoe would love a celebration. If anyone would know their half birthday, it would be her.
So like the beginning of December I put a reminder in my phone to go off 2 days before. Saturday was the day. It was also groundhogs day.

Nicole asked her dad what day it was Saturday morning and he said groundhogs day but she corrected him.

I had planned to invite all the YW over to go surprise her but I left it to the last minute and only 2 were able to come but it was still fun.

 I added 1/2 to everything. I made a Matilda-esque half cake and the 'gift' was half of a princess puzzle. I had several other items I meant to get but ran out of time lame.

So I had the 2 YW with me and we were a bit suspicious when we got to Nicole's but it was ok. So we walked in and started singing half of happy birthday...that didn't work too great. But I think she didn't care.

 After our little 'party' Nicole and I went to get pedicures (full, not half). That was niiiiice. This was a flower that the salon had. They also had two shark sized fish in an aquarium. It was SO weird. They were fighting each other and making waves in the tank. It was oddly entertaining. There was a poor lone goldfish being tossed too and fro. Poor little fishy was the snack....
And Nicole with her half 'hapbirt' crown, glasses and cake.

Who's half birthday is next?!


Kristin said...

SO AWESOME! I'm going to need to convince people that I should celebrate my half birthday too! It's next month!

Nicole said...

BEST HALF BIRTHDAY EVER!! Thank you so much! I was super surprised. And that cake was/is so yummy. (I am still working on it)


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