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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blegh Day

Super fun happy blog.

ohhhh wait.

Ever have those days you wish you could just completely forget the entire day? That would be today.
I have no idea why, Wednesdays are usually good because I get off work at 6am so I go home to take a nap then get to do my own thing in the mornings until Shelley gets home at 10:30ish.

I made myself a hair appt. for today at a fancy schmancy salon in Fairhaven so I had to rush to get Shelley lunch and take off. I got cut off 8 times while driving, got stuck at EVERY red light, I had 5 necklaces that I was bringing to a friends boutique to sell and they alllll got tangled together in like 12 seconds, I had to drive around Fairhaven streets like 4 times to get parking (at both the store and salon), then I was just stressed out about everything. The entire 1.75 hours I was at the salon all I could think about was everything else I still need to do. Although I really did enjoy the hand wax stuff (I know it has a name but I don't care enough to look it up at the moment).

I have no idea how people juggle life. I'm not doing good at it and it's making me REALLY irritable and annoying and short (not just in stature) and not patient. When I do have time do get stuff done, all I want to do it just stare at a wall. It's not even like I have this huge demanding schedule either. Sure, I do a lot, and have a lot of responsibilities but that's normal life so how does everyone else do it so well?! I know people aren't perfect but still, I wish I had the time management needed to get rid of this stress.

Tonight I got to the end of my rope for some reason. I just was done and I felt really mean and horrible at mutual, but I tried to hide it but didn't do a good job.

Ok I'm done complaining I should be studying and learning about GMO's and writing a problem/solution essay. Be super jealous.



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