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Thursday, November 29, 2012

You did what?

I get made fun of a lot in my family. I admit I do/try some pretty quirky things that probably warrant that teasing but still....

One time I bought Main and Tail shampoo/conditioner. The kind they use on horses. Someone told me it would make my hair shiny like a horses mane. It didn't. When I went to the local feed store to buy it, I had to pretend I owned a horse so I bought other horse related items to make it seem 'legit'. That's embarrassing.

One time I put mayonnaise in my hair because someone told me it would make it shiny. It didn't. And it was disgusting.

One time I rinsed my hair out with vinegar to make it shiny. It didn't. I just walked around smelling like Easter all day.

One time I beat up an egg and spread it all through out my hair to make it shiny. Guess what? It didn't. That was the worst one I think.

One time I used coconut oil in my hair just to make it softer/hydrate it. It worked but it was messy and made my hair greasy for a day or two.

One time I made up this concoction of the following: 1 t. apple cider vinegar, 1 t. glycerine, 1 beaten egg, 2 T of castor oil. Mix the first two ingredients then add the others and mix well.

Next, try not to gag and saturate your hair with the mixture (it makes your hair really stiff and difficult to comb through so be sure to brush your hair before you start). I tried using one of those hair coloring brushes but my hands worked better. If you're hair is longer than your shoulders I would probably double the batch (I will next time, half my hair was still dry-ish when I ran out). Then I put one of those plastic granny caps on and wrapped it turban style with a towel (is that politically correct?) and let it sit on my hair for 2 hours. Ya....kind of embarrassing but whatever.
After two hours I hopped in the shower to wash that gunk out. I shampooed it twice and conditioned once then ran my hair under the tub faucet for a few minutes after I was done to make sure it all got out.

Then I blew it dry and it wasn't even that crazy!! Usually my hair is frizzy and poofy but after using this stuff it's a little smoother and lots softer. You're supposed to do this 2x a week for 1 month then just once or twice a month after that.

I still need to get a cut/trim at some point but for now this will help a bit.


Andrea said...

this post is really ironic for a couple reasons. one, i do stuff like this all the time too. two, i blogged today and listed how i wash my hair.
i guess we think alike... and maybe do alike ;)


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