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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Do you suffer from dry cracked lips and/or heels this time of year? Does your face get so dry it hurts and does your hair develop a brittle texture?

No? Oh. 

I guess it's just me then. On Monday I felt the dreaded heel pain by the time I got off from work, I couldn't even step on that heel without wincing in pain and I could feel the other one start to get sore too. I looked at them when I got home and saw that one was close to bleeding (soooo TMI). Yikes. 
I got out my trusty bag balm
Yep, the stuff that was developed for cow udders (see the picture in the red circle?) Well let's just say I don't have cows but I have several of these little tins. I spread this stuff all over my heels and put my socks on, it was almost instant relief.

I occasionally use it on my lips also but I find I like it better for my heels and elbows.

 Have you seen the new Chapstick flavors? I have the apple cider one and I love it. It's a little 'spicy' and feels good on chapped lips. However my lips get so chapped (even when I use chapstick- note overuse of chapstick can cause chapped lips too) that they get swollen and it effects my sleep and when I talk it gets so bad. So that's when I bring in the big guns:

Coconut oil. For some reason this is a miracle product. If you have an ailment I feel like this can cure it (I am not a doctor obviously so this isn't a true statement in case you were confused). I use it on my lips and it's the only thing that brings the swelling down and allows my lips to go back to normal. I also love it on my heels it's great stuff. You can use it on your face for pimples and whatnot.
I have used it in my hair several times too. I just saturate my hair, put plastic over it and wrap in a towel for 30-60 minutes then I wash it two times with shampoo then conditioner then I wash it again. It does cause you to have kind of greasy hair if you don't wash it thoroughly enough. I sometimes will submerge my hair in water after using the actual shower and swish it around to get all the oil out. The hardest part for me is the crown of my head because I have a lot of hair there.
I hear you can also use coconut oil on canker sores, I've never tried it but it would be cool if it worked. Maybe I will try that today.

Ok this has been officially TMI and random. Hopefully you don't suffer from these same ailments but I'm sure some of you do. We need to break the silence, cracked heels are awful and we need not suffer alone. Huzzah!!



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