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Friday, November 9, 2012


some random bits of information you probably didn't need/want to know about my life lately :)

~Have you tried rootbeer float gum? You should it's good
~I haven't stopped listening to the Wicked soundtrack for the last week
~I've been looking for Wicked tickets for the last week
~I'm obsessed with Wicked :) if you can't tell
~I 'haven't had time' to read much but I have a huge list I want to read, some are fiction but most are church books
~I want to buy a chicken and name it nugget like my BFF Honey Boo Boo chil`
~It's REALLY cold outside like it could snow cold--well maybe I'm exaggerating but someone said it was supposed to snow in the near future
~I have been working my little fingers off knitting and I'm happy to report my hands haven't been seizing up!! That's great news because my hands hurt SO bad last year and would 'freeze' for a few seconds up to several minutes. I still feel the joints but they don't make noises anymore WIN
~I'm all caught up with Pretty Little Liars I can't wait for it to start again, ridicilous
~Why is it after Halloween I think of all the good costume ideas?! Grrrr maybe instead of Christmas in July I'll start Halloween in April
~Maybe it makes me a bad person but I'm doing 90% of my Christmas shopping online thanks to HUGE wrap around the store lines already in OCTOBER
~Have I mentioned it's November 9th already?
~I drove like a mad person after class last night to get gas @ Costco and made it to the line literally as they were putting the last cone up behind the last two cars, both Canadian filling up 12 cans ughh
~I saturated my hair with coconut oil yesterday before washing it....then I used conditioner instead of shampoo which made the whole situation worse, let's just say I wore my hair up all day
~My cat is currently eating a mole right outside the sliding door next to me. I tried to get him to get down to leave it alone but he caught it and I heard it squeak....yuuuuucjcjcjlkju siiiiick. Now I've turned my music up and turned away so I don't hear/see it stupid cat. I'll spare you the rest of the details
~Have I talked about how much I LOVE Wicked?! Oh my heck I need an antidote
~I have the most eclectic and random Spotify playlist EVER
~I need to pack for an overnight trip with my mom and aunt. We are going to Seattle this afternoon we are going to the temple (my first time going thru the Seattle temple as an adult!! That will make 3 different temples I've been too), then tomorrow we are going to a genealogy conference, parrrrtaaaay animals. Then maybe I'll convince them to stop at Gap outlet on our way home to get 40% off our total purchase :)
~Ok I'm done



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