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Monday, November 19, 2012

What's your story?

Today at work I had the opportunity to take one of the residents I work with to a performance at the community college to see a Native American story teller. She'd seen him before and really liked him. I was able to find a free local performance so we jumped on it. After driving around the parking lot for literally 12 minutes we ended up parking in the furthest parking spot from the building we needed to be in, normally this is whatever, but today it was monsoon season outside and we were drenched through our coats and jeans.

During his performance he talked about personal experiences and told a few ancient stories about the raven, killer whale, and bunny. Honestly it wasn't my kind of thing but it was fun to see how much she liked it. She would wave to him and clap along and at one point she started chanting with him and everyone else started to too.

A few things did stick out though. The first thing was he asked how we introduce ourselves. I thought about it and realized I say my name is Amanda, and that's about it. He said we are constantly introducing ourselves to others. The way we walk, talk, act, etc....people around us who notice are getting a glimpse into our personality. I wondered how I 'introduce' myself in those terms. Not that everyone is watching you all the time, but chances are someone is paying a bit of attention. It just makes me think that I need to try to be nice and good even when I'm frustrated out of my mind trying to find a parking spot and get sopping wet.

He also talked a lot about our personal stories. He said we are the ones who write our story and we have the ability to change it if we don't like the direction it's going in, and make choices that will help our story be 'strong'. I thought about what I want my story to be about when I'm old, I didn't think too much about it because he started chanting and drumming but it's an interesting topic. If I were to write down my story up to this point, then write what I think will happen in the future it would be interesting to read back when I'm old to see where I thought I would be and where I actually end up. I guess that's the point of a journal, but maybe a journal on steroids. I always think of watching my life 'movie' after I die. I think if I thought about that more often, I would do things a bit differently so I should change my crazy ways.

The last thing he said that stuck out to me was how he was 48 years strong. He said he doesn't like when people say they are such and such 'old', because he's not old. He said he knows a lot of younger people who are 'old' and warned us that we need to be 'strong' and not 'old', no matter what our age is.

This is totally random and I have way too much stuff to do so I'm done.



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