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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Do you ever have those days where stuff happens and you just sit back and wonder what the heck just happened? Ya that would be today. Totally twilight zoneish.

Monday I went to work at 8:15am got home about 4ish. Went back to work at 9:30pm and got off today around 6pm. Going on about four hrs of sleep wasn't my problem either.

I worked on office stuff all afternoon then we had a staff meeting to end all staff meetings. I still don't know what all was going on literally four people talking over each other and our fearless boss just sat trying to get a word in edgewise. She deserves an award for patience and a six month spa vacation with all the stuff she has to do.

Anyways I won't go into detail but it was quite the emotional scene for many reasons. I was thankful to get outta there. Save the drama fo yo momma.

I'm pretty sure I just know too much about too many people, maybe I wear a "free therapy" shirt and don't realize it.

Seriously that was the craziest 2 hr meeting I have EVER been in,on so many levels. My teeth grinding is back with a vengeance!!



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