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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the movies

I don't often watch scary movies/shows. I have enough hallucinations at night without the added stress of having scary images pop up in my mind. There are some things that I watch that do have a little bit of a scary factor, but I know it's just silly so I try not to let myself get scared.

The things I'm curious about though are, WHY do people go into the dark woods alone to investigate strange noises? WHY do they leave their doors unlocked? WHY do they yell out who's there, giving away where they are? WHY don't they hid? WHY don't they call 911? WHY don't they invest in some mace, or a bat or something if scary things keep happening? WHY are their houses always dark? WHY do they split up in scary situations? WHY don't they question the odd coincidences that keep happening? WHY do they trust strangers? WHY do they confront the people who they think are the bad guys? WHY don't they keep what they know a secret until they can prove something? WHY can't they pretend nothing is wrong when the suspect is talking to them?

I just don't get it. I know it's fake but if I ran the scary movie business, a few things would need to change. But I don't plan on running it anytime soon.




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