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Monday, October 8, 2012

Radio Silence

I haven't listened to the radio for several months now. I used to listen to the 'local' (Vancouver, BC) radio station that played top 40 hits, but I listened to the early morning talk show driving home from work. Well the one person that I liked on that show left. Therefore I haven't listened to the radio for a long time. It seems like every time I turn that darn thing on, the music is talking about 'garden tools' and 'body anatomy' and I'm not in to that (use your imagination, oh wait, don't).

I also realized that when I listen to the radio I get reallllllly annoyed while I drive. I'm much more short tempered and my road rage flares up (let's be honest) plus all the commercials make me feel like filling my ears with play-doh.
To remedy this fact, I decided to go old school and break out the CD's (you know those little round discs that make a great frisbee substitute?). I have A LOT of CD's so I started listening to them, by the time I realized it I had pretty much gone through each CD and discarded it. There are two I listen to now, The Lower Lights and Nashville Tribute Band. Both church CD's. So weird, I didn't used to want to listen to just church music. But I'm a nice driver when I do, well for the most part.

On my drive home from work today I switched over to the radio. Sometimes I get really lucky radio listening wise, other times I hit the junk jackpot. Seriously I don't need to know the words to Call me Maybe and the newest Rihanna song. I don't WANT to know the words. I'm not a snob or prude, because I'll tell you what, I will bust a move to pretty much any song (wish I was kidding).

I've been lucky with the radio lately with songs like, While my Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles), 3AM (Matchbox 20), Brian Wilson (BNL), Walking in Memphis (Mark Cohn), Old Time Rock n' Roll (Bob Segar), Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley), Iris (GooGoo Dolls), Life's Been good to me so far (Joe Walsh), Everybody Talks (Neon Trees), Lights (Ellie Goulding) etc......

These are some of my very favorite songs too!! Man if the radio always played songs like this with no commercials I would totally listen!!

This has been a public service announcement with absolutely no purpose. I seriously have a stack of stuff right next to me that I need to be doing, not writing senseless blogs about radio songs that NOBODY cares about!! ahhhhhh ok.



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