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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

go-go shabee's

Shelley says go-go shabee's all the time, nobody knows what it means so I just use it as a random filler word when I can't think of anything else to use in it's place. That and mock-a-leeko.

random evening thoughts.

I love Raising Hope
I want to eat Menchies right now
this time last week I threw up (ruining my 8+ yr streak)
my fingernails are painted different colors because they can be
all these political debates are giving me heartburn
I have several huge to-do lists
I updated my google calendar and had a cornea due to all the 'stuff' I gotta do
I really need to buy shampoo
Also a new brush
Nicole, can you go to that one store ('Michelle's' store) over by the old TOM?
I am in the middle of so many craft projects and have several more 'on deck'
I have to prepare a lesson about drug abuse, any ideas?
I'm at work and there is a mouse trap on the table with PB on it, the cheese is gone, the spring is sprung and there is no mouse trapped
I realllllly want one of these I love me a good bueno blanket
I went into Costco last night and actually didn't want to deck anybody!!
I can ride my bike with no handlebars
I love JB's new song As Long as you Love Me
I found a Now 4 CD in my car yesterday, I listened to it all the way home. Savage Garden, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Eiffle 65 (remember, I'm blue dabba dee dabba die), Smash Mouth, Train (back in the good ol' days), and Hansen are all featured. It was a blast from the past
I shouldn't be blogging
I want pumpkin seeds


Nicole said...

If Michelle calls it in we can just go pick it up.


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