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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Time is disappearing. It's not flying or going fast, it's just gone and I have no idea where it went. My to-do list isn't getting smaller, quite the opposite, but I had a good four days to relax, scrapbook, eat more food than I should have, sleep, craft, watch PLL, etc....

We had a quick scrapbooking weekend with some friends which is always fun. We don't usually have them in the fall, usually in the summer, but they decided to add a quick fall one in. I'm glad they did, it was much needed and a good break.

I had to do homework the first night/skype with class which was NOT fun but oh well. This week I need to play 'ketchup' with all the stuff I've let slip the last week or two. Like kick my butt into gear to finish assignments so I can stay ahead among other things.

Tomorrow is Monday, wahhhh wahhhhh. Monday's aren't very fun, why is that? Each week is just a carbon copy of the last and it's getting a little oldddd. Maybe I'll go to a play this week to switch things up. Ohhh wait I am!! Going to see Wicked Friday night with Nicole and her parents/friends. Parrrrtaaay.

This week I'm focusing on homework, organizing, editing photos, creating greeting cards, errands, breathing, planning next weeks Pathway lesson I'm in charge of, finishing up the stuff I want to sell at the boutique (scarves, photo cards, and greeting cards, etc....), eating, and sleeping.

Now I am going to do none of the above and finish watching Inception.



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