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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whiten your teeth like a boss

Whatever that means. Have you seen all the pinterest pins about how to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide? I've seen it done 2 ways so far.

The first method I saw and tried was using a q-tip, dipping it in peroxide and rubbing it all over your teeth and letting it sit for a few minutes then brushing it off. Cool, but tastes gross.

The second method I saw and tried was to swish a capful or two of straight hydrogen peroxide around your mouth morning and night then spitting and brushing. Cool, but tastes even grosser. Like nasty gross. This method is good to kill yucky germs though.

Today I 'developed' my own method. I think it takes a few times to really see a big difference but I already think I see a difference. Do you want to know what I did? If not, stop reading :).

In a little bowl I squeezed a bit of toothpaste (I used Crest whatever whatever) then I poured some HP in the bowl with it. With my 'old' (read still good so I just used it) toothbrush I mixed it up until it made a runny liquid. Then I used that same toothbrush and brushed the front of my teeth all over with it, re-dipping my toothbrush several times. Then I let it sit on my teeth for several minutes. Then I brushed like regular with a new toothbrush and did a final rinse with some water and spit it out. Glamorous right? It doesn't taste like HP but like regular toothpaste which was niiiice. I would recommend you have a washcloth handy because drooling may occur when you first put the mixture on your teeth.

I was also thinking I might try mixing HP with mouth wash to mask the taste.

Maybe mixing those things isn't as effective and I'm not a dentist or chem-ologist so I have no idea if it's even really going to work. I'll let you know.

I'm not responsible if this ends up not working haha. If it does, I am responsible :).



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