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Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is a segment I like to call, Really?! With Amanda. (No affiliation to Really?! With Seth and Amy)

So you're last name is Kardashian and nobody knows why the heck you're famous but you have 8 tv shows? Really?! I don't pay any attention to you but when I log on FB I see a 'trending article' that one of you is trying to sell your baby photos to a magazine....really?!

So you're a bug and you like to suck my eyelid blood, REALLY?!

So you work at a printing store but have no idea how to use a computer so I end up walking you thru a program I don't know step by step and you still charge me for wasting 30 minutes and doing your job for 10 copies, really?! 

So you want to find true love and decide that the best and most successful place to do that is on a tv show competition where you compete for someone who's simultaneously dating 14 other people, really?!

So you like to snap the floss has hard as you can between my teeth dental hygienist....have you ever flossed before, really?!

So you have 8 kids under the age of 6 and you decide to park your cart (with kids hanging from it) in the middle of the obviously clogged aisle then take 14 minutes to decide which bottled water to buy, really?!

So you're 10 and you have the mouth of a sailor and everyone just laughs and thinks it's a cute phase, really?!

So, you're a better human than me because you've never read Twilight, really?!

So, you just met each other .4 seconds ago in the ravioli freezer section and now you're bff's, really?!

So, you called me just to talk at me for 46 minutes then when your new episode of All my Children comes on, you quickly rush out a goodbye like I've been keeping you from something important all this time even though I've only uttered a handful of ya's and uh huh's, really?! I'm doing great, thanks for asking, really?!

So, I just wrote an entire blog about nothing, really?!


Michelle said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love this.. expect for the Kardashian bit! Obviously they are famous for being famous. Now stop judging and tell me what magazine they sold those baby pictures to!


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