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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

25 take 2

Since I'm older and wiser now that I turned 25 (and it's too hot to sleep) I thought I'd make a list of 25 things. I love lists and and the more random the better. I don't yet know what this list will even be about, but there will be 25 items on this list. (no particular order since I have no idea what to say)

1. I love opening presents, like love it, but wish I could do it in private because I don't like people watching me. See #2

2. For 25 years my face tends to get super red in really random situations. It's annoying.

3. When I watch Arrested Development on Netflix late at night I accidentally laugh loudly out-loud. Then my face turns red, See #2. They had the dream cast.

4. I don't care if you think this is geeky but I have a favorite part of speech (I love me a good participial phrase and adjectives) as well as a favorite coin (dime and quarter) So I guess I have two favorites, it's my list I can do what I want.

5. I will deny it if brought up in every day conversation, but I love to dance like a crazy banshee randomly. Only sometimes. Like the 2nd Tuesday of the month and the 4th Friday. Sue me. Some say I got the moves like Jagger. (Disclaimer, nobody says that)

5. wow 25 things is a lot.....

6. I recently decided to learn Japanese (can it be done?!) then today I got the chord buddy system for my birthday to learn to play the geeee-tar. My thumb already hurts and I only made it thru two rounds of Brown Eyed girl and Let it be. Wakaru deshou?

7. When somebody tells me I can't do something, it makes me determined to do that thing. I have a very hard head literally and figuratively. (example #1: Freshmen year in HS, driving thru the school parking lot at a moderate speed, putting my seatbelt on. My mother almost rearends the car in front of us and slams on the breaks, my body flies forward and my forehead breaks the freaking windshield. Really?! No bruise, no cut, no red spot, no headache, no nothing. I was at least hoping to get out of school the next day) (example #2: a couple years ago we were working in the yard and there was a really stubborn tree root that was NOT coming out of the ground. My dad kept telling me to leave it alone because there was no way it would come out without heavy machinery. Well I showed him and that nasty tree root. I have a highly unflattering photo of myself and brother holding that tree up out of the ground. Red face and all. I got $40 for it.)

8. I really love spell check. What did the pioneers do without it?

9. I shouldn't have committed to 25 things. Why do I have to be so old?!

10. I do not like odd numbers and I often times refuse to even say them, so that means I very often either over exaggerate or under exaggerate to avoid them.

11. See this odd number? I don't like it either.

12. Look, this is what a number should be, nice and even.

13. Did you know that, 3.14 (pi) spells PIE when flipped in a mirror?

14. I can never remember jokes. I hear such good ones then when I try to retell it, I fail miserably. I'm  just not meant to be a teller of jokes.

15. When I'm out and I see someone I know, I stop, drop, and roll....depending on the person. Oh wait....nope, those steps still apply.

16. I am in the middle of writing 4 books and late last night I had an idea for a 5th (fives are the only acceptable odd number). It's fun, I'm no good at it but I love it.

17. Ewwww these upside down 'L' numbers are the worst. Yucky yuck yuck yuck.

18. I have quite the extensive (read: impressive) collection of socks.

19. I'm often too gullible and people seem to think it's a fun 'party trick'. Hey Amanda, those yellow bumps in the middle of the road are for blind people who drive. Me in drivers ed: hey, you guys know why those yellow bumps are there? Thinking I'm soooo smart.

20. My first home was a funeral home. No joke.

21. I love radishes.

22. I might also enjoy eating frozen corn. Weird? Yes. Delicious? Double Yes. Think mini corn flavored Popsicles.

23. It's possible I love Deadliest Catch but have to close my eyes when it shows the guys getting  hurt, over, and over, and over again.

24. I'm more afraid of seaweed than sharks.

25. FINALLY!! I probably have about 15 photobooth photos of myself looking like a bug. I can't help it, I laugh hysterically whenever that silly program opens.

woah!! I'm sessy and I know it.

 you're welcome.

That's the end of that trick.


Michelle said...

I love the randomness of the 25 things!! Makes my day!!!


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