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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day #2

My memory is already starting to slip oh no!! I'll try my best to remember.

Wednesday morning was pretty miserable. I was so cold the entire night and stayed in the fetal position and got maybe an hour of sleep so I finally had enough and got up around 6, wrapped myself in 100 blankets, put on my boots and sat on my camp chair until everyone else started waking up. Once we were all awake we headed over to breakfast. Right after breakfast was the flag ceremony and devotional then all the girls split up for their hikes. We had 3 girls who didn't go on the hike so they stayed back with Nicole and I at our tent. Oh BTW our shirt for this day said, Take a Hike.

Once all the girls had left, Nicole and I went to take showers. The most glorious shower of my life I think :). Not really but it felt so good to use soap and scrub my feet and hair ahhhh that's the life. Once we were done (with our no longer than 5 minute shower ;0) we headed back to camp where the girls were braiding each other's hair and making bracelets with a couple other girls who hadn't gone on the hike. This was such a nice and relaxing day. We started the ribs in our dutch oven (hindsight we should have started our beans too even if they got gone way ahead we could have kept them warm). The rest of the time while the girls were on their hike was spent eating lunch, painting nails, making bracelets, the girls not on the hike went and worked on humanitarian projects. Nicole and I stayed back to try once again to organize stuff, it was a fruitless effort, there was NO organizing that table. The second one person came back it was a disaster all over again. oh well. Now it doesn't matter.

Our girls got back from their hikes at very different times, they were all very late of course because it wouldn't be camp if they weren't late. Finally once most of the groups were back we had our girl talk. It is always fun to have girl talk when it's someone you know and this time it was Andrea. Once again our girls took furious notes (not mad notes, just really quick writing everything down notes). She told the story of Cinderella, their pet chicken who died and talked a lot about her life experiences and what she would have known as a teenager. Our girls talked a lot about her talk when we got back to camp. Girl talks are so great, there has never been a bad one that I've attended.

After girl talk we made our way to the big amphitheater where we practiced our skit for that night. We had a Dora the Explorer theme and it was such a cute skit. The girls did great. After practicing we booked it up the hill back to camp where we madly started getting dinner ready. It was free time but remember our girls are great and they all stuck around to help us get ready for dinner. We had BBQ Ribs, corn on the cob, beans (a little crunchy oh well), watermelon, apple crisp, and homemade ice cream. Our Bishop and his wife got there about an hour early which was great. We had so much fun when they got there, even though it was chaotic. We showed them the ice cream ball that I had purchased before camp and we filled it up then started passing it around to make our dessert. It was a heavy ball but we made a game out of it. We had stakes with everyone's names on them then we would throw/roll the ball as hard as we could to see who could get the furthest. The Bishop won every time. It was HEAVY. Finally it was time to eat so we ate while we continued to roll the ball with our feet because we didn't think the ice cream was done (it was very done).

Then it was time to go down for the skits. We quickly scooped our apple crisp (which was way yummy) with our homemade vanilla ice cream (that was really hard due to our excessive rolling :)) and hiked back down to the stage. Our ward wanted to go close to the beginning because they were nervous, of course we were the very LAST ward to go, the stake leaders went after us and were last. Oh well. They forgot some of the parts but it wasn't a big deal, they still did great. They were the only ward that didn't take their paper skit down with them!! I was impressed. There were 2 Dora skits, imagine that.

Midway during the skits, it started sprinkling. By the time we got up to the Pavilion for the stake devotional, it was pouring. Nicole and I ran back to camp to cover up all our dutch oven stuff/chairs/other items we didn't want to get wet. Our ward came back and we had another great devotional by our Bishop about Mortality and we answered the question, Why am I here? Notes were taken, discussions were had, other wards around us got goofy, ours stayed reverent. Then it was time for us to act goofy and we had smores and whatnot.

The Bishop left after this and we started settling down. We were going to stargaze this evening BUT it was really wet and there were no stars, fail. Next time we WILL stargaze. Once again our girls were in bed and asleep when we checked on them. I was better prepared to sleep this night and was nice and warm with my little sleeping pill. It was much better.

I think that's it for day 2. It was a really relaxed day until free time then we started scrambling to get dinner ready :)

Day #3 possibly tomorrow? I'm finally starting to feel better. At least my cough doesn't make me think I'm coughing up a lung and my stomach is starting to feel better. Back to real life hopefully very soon just in time for my scrapbooking retreat this Thursday. 



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