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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day #4 and other stuff

Phew I forgot we had one last day at camp. It was a crazy weekend at my scrapbooking retreat and I didn't have a great connection so I never got around to blogging about our last day at girls camp!!

The last day was pretty boring in terms of what we did. We woke up (late again) and sent the girls to breakfast where they ate pretty quickly. Then we had some time to start packing up camp. Let me just say this, we had A LOT of stuff. It took awhile to pack all up. Nicole and I pretty much stayed at camp the entire morning packing and organizing I mean throwing stuff into whatever container it would fit in :). We had grandeous plans of having the girls put stuff into the correct tote that was labeled with a laminated list of what goes in what tote. That didn't happen. Nicole and I pretty much packed up all our camp stuff while the girls were off getting their certification certificates and having the last devotional and packing themselves. We had to have our YW President come stay with us the night before to help us drive girls home and it was a good thing we did because we accumulated a lot more stuff it seemed like.

I don't really remember anything spectacular happening this day. It was sad to leave camp in a, I'm sad I won't see the girls everyday and make fun memories with them, but I'm REALLY glad to go take a real shower and sleep in a real bed way. I'm fairly certain I came home with walking pneumonia or at least a NASTY cold that rocked me to the core it felt like. Every cough was just so painful and took a lot out of me. It took me a good 4 days to recover from camp. Luckily I was able to find someone to cover my shift at work Monday so I was able to sleep some of it off.

4 days after I got home, I packed up my crafting supplies and left to go to Monroe for the weekend. It was SO fun. It was loud, and productive, and yummy, and relaxing, and tiring, and weight gaining, and fun. I will blog more about this maybe later. I'm so busy I want to scream!! I'm at work right now while I'm kind of working on the 12 hours of continuing education I just found out TODAY that I have to complete before next Monday (my birthday!!). It's for my job with Shelley, it's ridiculous. I already do this for my other job so why do I need to do it for both?! UGHHHRRREEJJJHHH. That's my mad 'voice'

I also decided I wanted to learn Japanese. It's hard. I started last night and didn't have time to do today's lesson so all I've learned to say so far is, Hello, do you speak English? Hi, No, Yes, A little, excuse me etc....I can't really remember it all. The nice thing is, for the most part when you look at the word you can pronounce it like it's written, except for a few letters like U and you have to shorter certain sounds and whatnot. It will be fun to see if it actually works. Each day for 10 days I have a 30 minute lesson. So I'll probably start over tomorrow or whenever I have time, maybe after I complete my 12 hours. So far I managed to get 4- 1 hr classes in today (some aren't really 1 full hour but still count for the hour thank goodness!!

Ok perhaps I'll blog tomorrow in between all my classes I GET to take :) Right now I'm learning about good nutrition which isn't so bad.



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