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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome Back...

pretty excited for this remodel to get done so i can make some delicious, sugar/white flower free goodness. just thought i'd put that out there. trader joes, i'm coming to you next week. watch out.


Jenn @Cuddlesandcameras said...

That's a great site! TFS! Have you heard of green smoothie girl?
Did you get your blender? :) I REALLY love the fact that you can grind your wheat in SECONDS! Awesome!

Amanda said...

I have heard of green smoothie girl. About a year ago I had a huge bag of spinach and decided to throw it in with a bunch of fruit and some yogurt and it was delicious. then I go online and find that there's whole websites devoted to it! It's a great way to get my vegetables in for sure.
I haven't gotten the blender yet. I went to Costco a few days ago and they didn't have it, that I saw. So I'll have to wait until I see it again. pretty excited though.


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