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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


this is what i feel like. or something. i've been thinking i've hit a plateau in this dieting thing. i still don't eat sugar or white flour but i'm defiantly eating over 1000 calories a day. this has got to STOP ahhhh. also my water intake has decreased drastically. this too needs to change. i'm just sick of eating this way and not seeing results like before. i might just go back to phase one where i cut out ALL flour, all sugar, all potatoes etc...and just eat fruits, veggies and protein. probably a good idea. 35 pounds is good but i want more! muhahahaha.

anyways i've been having this headaches the last couple weeks and haven't been sleeping good so i think if i start eating right again i'll be good to go. also i just found this stuff yesterday, almond milk. D E L I C I O U S. i hate milk hate hate hate hate hate it. makes me gag and makes me sick but i got the vanilla flavor of this yesterday and i gotta say i don't hate it. it's made out of almonds, imagine that. the kind i got has some natural sugar in it and a little added but i need the calcium so i'll let it sliiiide.

ok off to work. days like today i'm glad i can wear jeans and a sweatshirt!

food for thought: why is it that chub rolls on a baby are so cute but as adults it's harder to pull off? i say we start a movement, then i won't have to worry about all this!


Jenn @Cuddlesandcameras said...

Sorry for you plateau :/ Hopefully it doesn't last long though. I just got my greensmoothiegirl packet last week, and lost 5 lbs. Hopefully it'll stay that way. So far I've lost 25 but it's not enough... Also you can make almond milk easy peasy when you get your blendtech. and with sprouted almonds even better! :)


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