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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craft time!

i bought this book yesterday. prettttty excited for it. i've always wanted to be a sewer and there was a time when i made little dresses, aprons and other random things but i haven't done any sewing for probably almost 2 years!
once this remodel is done, i will be downstairs sewing! i'm so excited. i need to find some real cute fabric on some good sales and start planning what i want to make.

today i think i will be making some of these little guys with shelley. i love them. i bought balloons yesterday and we all know i have a plethora of yarn. and it's almost april fools day i need to come up with some good ideas. i might break out the Hello Cupcake book and make some spaghetti cupcakes or TV dinner cupcakes :). we'll see.

that's all i have for today. too much stuff going on, have several friends in the hospital (having babies, having brain issues?) and lots of stuff i'm trying to do for girls camp. welp have a goooooood day!


grayxenon said...

very nice..:P


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