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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


dust. i. am. sick. of. you. everywhere you turn more DUST. dust dust dust. bleh. oh well that means we are getting closer to the end of this "adventure" hopefully. here are some updated pictures.

these are a couple different tile options for the back splash. the one above is slate that would be laid like brick. (please continue to ignore the mismatched paint, it will be resolved soon i promise.)

this one is tumbled stone that would be laid in a diamond pattern. we can't decide which one we like better. so many choices. we seriously spent like 3 hours in the tile section at Home Depot the other day. awesome.

he's almost done with the bar area the counter is down all that's left i think is a little sanding, putting the rest of the sides on and building the support post you can see in the next picture.

and of course the back splash isn't done yet either.
now let's take pause and talk about colors. i. love. colors. i could (and have) spend(t) 4 hours looking at all the different paint chips at all the different stores. PS sherwin williams has the best selection. you don't need to get the paint made there but if you chose one of their colors, Home Depot or wherever else can mix their colors for you so it's cheaper. I'm sure they appreciate me saying that :). But honestly, out of all the colors I've looked at, they are the richest most pure colors (does that make sense?). I bought the big paint swatch thing from SW for ten bucks, chose the colors I liked and went to see if I could find close matches at HD and Lowes. I could not. Sherwin Williams just has way better colors. So I gave HD my chip and they made it for me. Cheater!
ANYWAYS sorry for that tangent. Umm where was i going with this?! Oh ya. I've had a few colors picked out for the walls that need to be painted and they bought a can of paint for the entry way so I painted today!

obviously it needs to be touched up and such but you get the general idea. it's called Warm Stone. It's kind of grey kind of brown kind of amazing. We are going to repaint all the white to make it look really nice. It is way darker than it was before but i love it.
the kitchen will be a green color...this is pending on back splash/counter tops...not a bright or deep green just a subtle green.
the living room/hallway will be a goldish color (i'm trying to match the color of my purse {I'll have to do a purse post at a later date :)})
the wall that used to be the fireplace will have the TV hanging on it and it will be RED. and deep awesome red.
the office will remain the greenish color...maybe. if it goes with what we chose for the kitchen. since it's basically one big room they all have to flow good together. i'm ready for this to be done so we don't have to be cramped downstairs anymore!!!!!
p.s. sorry for all the update posts i have people telling me i have to update all the time. it shall be over soon enough.



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