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Monday, March 1, 2010

Battery Exhausted

that's what my camera just told me...that my battery is exhausted, why is it that i have 4 batteries for that thing and they are always dead? so please excuse the poor photos i had to take them fast before the camera turned off.

i feel like once my life is back on track this is my next project. it's a frame that michelle bought me for christmas made out of rolled up magazines. it can't be that hard to make right? i just think it looks really cool. i'm collecting fun, mismatched frames to decorate one wall. i have 4...
also that barnes and noble gift card in front of the frame...i FOUND IT FINALLY! i got it for christmas from one of the residents parents and i lost it but i just found it on saturday!! phew

i also don't think i ever blogged about this beauty. this was the last photo i could take before my camera pooped out on me so it's terrible but whatever. it's a BIG HUGE BLACK LOVELY FRAME! i plan on punching out that UNG Drill cardboard and using it as a photography prop. excellent! only at Ikea people. i could literally live there. (p.s. the camera used in these photos is NOT i repeat, NOT my "real" camera, it's just a dumb point and shoot...)

and last but not least MORE remodel pics. you're probably tired of them but it's my life right now what can i say?

we did the bar cabinets a dark brown and i love them.

these are the rest of the cabinets (no counters yet boo)...i didn't choose that color...just saying. i like it though. i wish we could PAINT sooon i'm sick of that splotchy yellow wall. i have some amazing colors picked out. hopefully they translate well :\

he started on the floor today! that's pretty exciting. last week he got the fireplace outta there and started framing the wall he's going to put in front of the brick for the flat screen :). can't wait until it's done. i'm so over living downstairs and not having any way of cooking anything except by microwave. although yesterday i did break out the electric skillet to make some indian curry. yum.
alright i have to go figure out how to make puppets...if anyone has any hints on how to make some please let me know. i have no idea!
also please excuse this dumb stuff at the bottom of all my posts i can't get rid of it. that dang HTML class i took last year obviously stuck with me. NOT. i hate HTML just saying.


The Wilson Pratt Wilson Family said...

Hm...that frame would look wonderful in a picture along with a certain baby that is due to be born in a certain 27 days....

Anonymous said...

For the puppet patterns have you tried either of these? or - this one has tons of links to other sites with instructions.


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