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Thursday, March 4, 2010

the Great Debate

BlendTec VS. VitaMix????

which will win in Amanda's blender race?! who knows. oh my gooooodness. WHY do i feel the need to buy a $400 blender? please, someone, anyone tell me! i've done some research and i'm leaning towards one. although just last week I would have said no way would I ever get anything other than a VITAmix...I feel I've changed my mind. This BlendTec is looking pretty awesome too. Costco, why do you play with my emotions like you do? One week VitaMix is on that little stage making cabbage ice cream look delicious then the next week BlendTec is up on that same stage making the same thing but with 1 more horsepower than VitaMix. is anyone still reading this? haha probably not. I'll end my rant now. I'm still not 100% sure I'm even going to buy one, it's like 2 car payments. decisions decisions. does anyone have either of these? what do you think?

well on to less stressful matters. I'm thinking of ordering some of these little beauties. from this:
the Poster List, website. i guess i really like to spend money or something. i'm thinking 3 of these hanging over my bed would be pretty neat-o now i just need to decide which ones to get! i have way too many choices to make in my life gosh.

i bring it all on myself i tell you.

well i've been blogging a lot lately....weird. i haven't been blogging about anything important (have i ever?!) it's getting boring around these parts with this remodel going on and such. good news, i think he'll be done in 2-ish weeks! the hardwood flooring is almost all done, just half the kitchen and the stairs left. the new wall covering the brick is up and the counter tops got in the other day so things are moving along. i'll spare you the photos since i kind of over do it sometimes.

ok i'm going to be done now. i'm sure nobody even made it through this weird random post anyways ;).


Jenn @Cuddlesandcameras said...

Blendtec! We just bought ours and all I can say is "LURVE IT" Have you seen ""? This thing can blend A N Y T H I N G! :) Btw ( I'm Dan & Cheryle Schindler's daughter, and I heart yer blog) :)

Amanda said...

that's awesome! i think that website sold me on the blendtec. thanks for the link. i guess i might have to go to costco today and i might have to buy a new blender...and maybe a pack of golf balls...

Anonymous said...

Hey fun blog :)
But be careful with your pictures. Maybe there is to many

Amanda said...

i love pictures. for me the more the merrier!


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