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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Most Satisfying thing you will EVER do!

is decorate a cake. this is the cake i made at the RS b-day dinner thing. i'm like a young martha stewart or something.

bahahahahaha JUST KIDDING.

THIS is the most satisfying thing EVER!

at least he got to eat it after ;). there was seriously 4 lbs. of frosting on that thing.

i encourage you to make a cake, decorate it, find a victim (willing...or not) and shove it in their face when they don't expect it.
sam kind of expected it but i did it when he wasn't looking. my dad taped it and my mom took pics...we are awesome.
werido didn't shut his eyes hahaha. it's very therapeutic for some odd reason. i wanted to do it again.

welp off to get ready to take some fashion photos for a 5 yr. old's b-day party!

thought you might like to see it in action, words don't do it justice.



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