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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Totally Rad

congratulations amanda, you are now the proud owner of 103 totally rad actions! (please say that in an announcers voice) it's true, i am all about the impulse buys, first a pink laptop, then photoshop CS3, a hair straightener and now, 103 totally rad actions. i could have very easily spent half that money and just gotten one of the sets of actions, but i don't do things halfway...haha...i figured i get a better deal if i buy them together, so why not spend an extra $140ish dollars to save myself $20 in the long run? right? right. hopefully they will earn their keep on my computer by helping me with my photography endeavors. i can't believe it, i just clicked BUY. well they were having a sale, so why shouldn't i have gotten them? i'm all about sales. i go to their website A LOT and drool all over their actions so it's about time i get to use them myself...

i'm just trying to justify this whole thing now. if anyone would like to donate to the, Amanda doesn't know how to NOT spend her money, fund, please do so. i've not gotten a good chance to play around with them yet, i have to get pictures from my laptop (CS3 isn't working on it at the moment, for which i am VERY upset but we're working on it) so i don't really have any good pictures to work with quite yet i'll just settle for some cute babysitting ones for now. so here is a small sample of what you will no doubt be seeing on my blog, a lot more.
(action used, Old Skool)
i guess i'll have to start saying which action i use on my pictures...haha that's funny, or not.


Jill said...

What do you earn money for if not to spend it?!! That's a really cute picture of Camry and I like the "action"

Amanda said...

her name is spelled camree. she's not a car...haha


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