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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock Band=My New Life

First, happy 4th of July to everyone, it was a couple days ago but's one of my favorite holidays. here are a couple pictures from the 4th's BBQ

here is the flag cake i you can see there's already a raspberry missing, by the time we got to dessert, the whole back row of raspberries was picked off by little fingers...haha. there's only a pound and a half of butter in there, the fruit makes it healthy...the barefoot contessa is amazing.

umm excuse me while i wipe the drool off my keyboard....if you'll notice the big green circle right there in the middle, those bowls contained some of the best meat i have ever tasted. and the green arrow is pointing to the man that made it. he owned the resturant i worked at. let's just say, i dream of this stuff. i need to recipe although i would never be able to make it like he does.

this is baby cason. he has the most amazing blue eyes and if you'll notice his incredibly long eyelashes. i'm jealous

finally a crafty item. maybe you'll remember a couple posts back, i posted pictures of baby reagan. here is a frame i made for her family. i saw the idea at treasury of memories and decided i wanted to make it for them. it's a vinyl and a picture of her. quick and easy and a very cute idea.

and last but not least, ROCK BAND. i am amazing, i can do all three things at once. don't deny. this is what i do with my time now....haha not really though. p.s. please ignore the scrapbooking mess in the background...woops.


Bunny B said...

Mmmm...yummy flag cake! Looks like you had a fab holiday weekend!

Jill said...

Nice PJ's! What an amazing talent you are at Rock Band. The cake was very very very good, by the way.

Nicole said...

that cake looks so good! I am wishing for a piece to magically fall from the sky for me!

Princess Michelle said...

Dang.... Amanda you made that cake? It looked so good. Also, rockband... you and me when i come back up. :)


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