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Friday, July 18, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser Too....??

Happy Birthday to ME! (well on the 16th) here are some birthday pictures...

i'm 21 now. yikes. i don't think i like this getting older it's 21 but i might as well be 58.

i made my own cake and my own birthday dinner. this cake is from Smitten Kitchen (see link on the right) i used her yellow wedding cake recipe and a raspberry curd i made up. on her site she used a mango curd to go with it, but most of my family doesn't like mangos so i went with raspberry and started using a recipe i found online, then decided i didn't like that so i made my own. i made a 7 minute frosting (also Smitten Kitchen) but after going through all that effort, i found i could have just used the stuff from the box, it is the EXACT same thing.

it was actually very simple...i say that now while making this cake, i went to measure out my buttermilk and shook it like a good little girl and it ended up all over my hair, clothes, kitchen was really fun for me. NOT.

here are my 67 lbs. of books i got. actually i already bought the classroom in a book one and the photoshop CS3 for dummies is from the library. now i have to read 54377634 pages and i'll be a photoshop CS3/Corel Painter X Pro.

anywho. at some point this weekend i might post a couple cards i need to make and if snapfish will get on delivering my pictures i will make a couple scrapbook pages. oh i also got a couple new t-shirts that i LOVE and i will post pictures of those maybe too.


Donna Chapin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Your cake looks good and tasty.


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