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Monday, July 14, 2008

You Know You're Sunburned When...

1. It inflicts physical pain to shower, thus imposing the sponge-bath method to the arms, legs and face.
2. It looks like you are wearing lobster-red flip-flops (only $3.50 @ Old-Navy)
3. You can barely extend your knees, causing a funny limp/walk/strut thing
4. You could probably scramble an egg on your arm due to the unholy amount of heat emanating from it
5. The only shoes you can wear for the next several days will be, no shoes or the same flip-flops you wore when this happened to you so as not to agitate the redness
6. People will stop and wonder what Rudolf is doing out in the middle of July
7. You are wondering why Sun Boats, Aloe Vera, can cost so much when all it seems to do it make you greasy, wet looking and that's about it, there is nothing soothing about it.
8. If you have an itch on any part of the red, you are stuck just watching that spot, willing it to stop itching.
9. You can melt an ice cube on your arm in 5 seconds flat.
10. When you have red fingernail polish on, it looks like every part of your arm, including your fingernails got sunburned.

Yesterday was pretty fun, now i'm reaping the consequences. it's not as bad as it was yesterday but it's still bright red. we went to the lake and did some paddle boats then went swimming, i didn't think it was that hot, but apparently it was. I was going to take some pictures to show how red i am, then decided i look like a lobster and thought better of it.

2 more days until my birthday! woot woot. now all i need to do on my "vacation" is get my license renewed, then go again to get the EDL (for border purposes), go in a couple hours to take my placement test for skagit, find a dress for the wedding i am in, and maybe do something for my birthday.


Princess Michelle said...

Being sunburned is no fun. No fun at all. That really sucks, I am sorry, Amanda. But on the bright...ER side (he he) your birthday is almost Here... YAY!!!!

Anita said...

Picture please!


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