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Sunday, August 3, 2008

scrapbook day!

yesterday we had a little scrapbook day!! friends came in from out of town come up and friends from around the area came too. we had it at Treasury of Memories. it was really fun, although in the 7 hours i was there, i got a total of 2 pages done. i mostly just watched jolie make hers, i was her scrapbooking cheerleader so that counts for something....right? anywho my mom banned me from taking this:

much to my chagrin, it probably would have been all i did! i am LOVING it. i wanted to take it slow, since it's the "last" book, but i'm finding it very hard i'm a little over halfway. i only was going to read 50 pages a day, but that flew out the window when...things...happened. haha i can't wait to finish it and discuss it with everyone!

these two ladies, anita and donna were like paparazzi again, much to my chagrin. i do NOT enjoy my picture being taken but i'll get anita back...haha (see end of post :))

nicole got to have a pretty sweet 25th birthday scrapbooking with her mom and friends.

ummm and PS, if anyone has the recipe to these suckers, please give it to me, ASAP. i loved them, it didn't last much longer after this picture was taken.
and finally, here is anita, this is my little revenge for her sly photo-taking skills.

i'm not quite sure how to change the song on this slide thing, and the look of it but oh well, it gets the job done :)

so later this week, i will post the 2, count them, 2 scrapbook pages i got done. bleh. i wasn't prepared with pictures whatsoever. also, being in TOM after it's closed, with all it's goodness at my fingertips is probably not very good for my wallet, but GREAT for my scrapbook-stuff collection. alright well, i can't stay away from that book for too long so i gotta go.


Anita said...

All I can say is it looks like I was having a good time anyway! I'll hide your camera the next time!

Nicole said...

Amanda I love that you put up Anita's pics! She does look like she is having fun! I am trying to take the ook slow also...but it isn't working out to well for me either. =)

Nicole said...

oh, the peppermint patties were made by Sonja. I know that she would be happy to share the recipe with you. She is an amazing baker! My mom can probably get you the recipe.

Donna Chapin said...

Amanda - I am seeing Sonja this weekend and will try to remember to get the recipe for you. Love the pics of Anita! And I would have to add we all were having a great time!!


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