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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your Eyes Do Not Decieve You

i really AM posting making this my 2nd post in 2 days! woohoo. it's even ANOTHER scrapbook page! i guess i am just a blog-maniac this weekend. this time i'm not 100% done with this page, but i'm needing suggestions to finish it. i want to put her name somewhere on here, and maybe her birth "stats". i really need to find a better way to upload these pictures but i don't think my scanner is big enough. so this will have to do for now.

that kinda grain-y looking stuff on her head is not really there, that was the flash from my camera. ick. flash. bleh.

here is a little story, i bought this cd today b/c i though it had a song on it that i like, turns out, i think i bought the wrong c-d, but anyways, it was double wrapped, giving me a second chance to turn the c-d around to make sure the song i want is on this c-d, but i unwrapped both things and now i'm stuck with it, i like it though so it's ok. i just need to figure out what the song that i liked was called.



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