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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Ice Cream! Yummmmm

It Snowed! i'm not too happy but at least i didn't have to work today i'm hoping it all melts by tomorrow. it is a tradition in our house to make snow ice cream whenever it snows. that means at the sign of the first flake, we bring out the big bowl and set it on the deck railing. by the next morning, we have a nice big bowl full of (soon to be) yummy snow.
last night, we didn't put a bowl out, so this morning i went and took the top layer off the railing and got to work making our favorite creation.
I know i am hugely germ-a-phobic and thinking of all the pollution in the air that the snow comes from gives me ulcers but....i can't resist it hasn't killed me yet and i should take a walk on the wild side sometimes.
Here is the recipe:
a BIG bowl of fresh snow (it melts down a lot)
some milk (depending on how much snow, enough to kinda melt it down)
a little bit of vanilla extract (again depending on how much snow)
sugar (to taste)
Now mix it all together you may need to add more of things it's just trial and error i suppose.
everytime i make it, i crush up some candy cane that we usually have in a drawer from christmas. i get out the hammer and crush it up good and mix it into the ice cream.
oh ya it's good.



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