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Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Real Post

Alright so I just went down to my scrap/mess room..haha...sorry mom. anyways I found a couple projects that I have completed...and some I have not finished yet. So I suppose over the next couple days I will post things I already have to give me time to make some new things! Just remember a lot of these are not yet done. That is my biggest problem, I make all these new little pages or books and I never print the pictures to go in them so that is part of the reason I have made this, to motivate me to finish. I'll explain these first couple pages; this summer I was told about a scrap booking contest so I decided to make some pages for it. I ended up spending a lot of time/money making the pages then I never submitted them- for a couple reasons, first I didn't believe they would be in the same caliber as other entries and second, I was leaving for Utah to attend a friends wedding and didn't want to write an essay the morning I left.

I have a couple obsessions in life, one of them is SHOES. Converse High Tops to be exact. I currently have about 10 pairs in all different colors...don't be jealous.

This is a page I did for Shelley. I took her into the yard and had a mini photoshoot that she loved, then I used two of her favorite colors to do the layout.

Well that should be all for today over the next couple days I will post some old stuff to get in the swing of things.


Tracy said...

These pages are great! :)


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