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Sunday, January 27, 2008


today has lasted forever it seems. it's kind of coming to a close now finally. i didn't have any plans to post or make anything today but we got home from a family birthday and i sat down at my table and watched my brother and mom work on a project. i decided i wanted to use some foam letter stamps i got a long time ago and have hardly ever used. my mom already had some of the letters out so here is the quick unplanned card.

i've decided to post a couple pictures from the birthday party we had today because i want to post all sorts of things on here
just a few

the first pic. is angelina eating the microphone
the middle pic is Kenyans hand after eating his ice cream cake
the next is kenyan trying to lick the gunk off his lip. grandpa tongue
and last but not least is jaden doing an excited present dance.



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